Monday, July 30, 2007


I foolishly thought that I'd get a chance to blog about my international rellocation. However, all of my time has been spent on the move, and I haven't had much chance to put virtual pen to paper. We'll be moving into our new house in Dalkey, Dublin this weekend, and our belongings should be turning up the week after. So hopefully I'll be able to draw breath and write something with a bit more substance soon.

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una said...

Good morning FranklyDave.

As you posted this some time ago now, your blog may not be active anymore. If yes, would you be kind enough to let me know. I'm based in Dublin - a marketing and strategy consultant for IT companies (at the start of my entrepreneurial journey).

I'd love to talk to you - looking at marketing budget ratios for small to medium sized IT companies: you might have some nuggets to pass on to me.

I hope you are enjoying living in Dalkey.