Friday, June 12, 2009

Changing tack

I changed the title of my blog today. Why? Well for starters, I haven't posted here for a while - in fact let's face it, I've been pretty slack since moving to Ireland two year ago (yes TWO YEARS!). I've also noticed, then most of my tweets and online conversations revolve around three things (1) living overseas (2) the kids (3) consumer technology.

While I was living in Seattle, most of my thought and posts were about my professional interests - specifically how the sales and marketing groups of large companies make use of technology. I'm still fascinated by the subject (sad I know), but it's now occupying a smaller part of my brain, so I thought I'd do a swap for a while, and post on what's going on in the rest of my head.

Hopefully I'll manage more than one post every year!

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