Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yes, I am a Guardian reader

I was on the early wake up with the kids this morning. They're both very excited about Christmas, so we spent most of the morning putting the finishing touches to their papier mache Santa masks, and making snowflakes from folded paper.

I'm now sat in my local coffee shop, reading the paper and I've come across this article by Chris Cleave ( The first paragraph says it all:

"Nothing says more about our families than the way we decorate our homes for Christmas. A ife-size inflatable "burglar Santa", hanging by an arm and a leg from an upstairs window says that Mum and Dad have a certain sense of humour. Fifteen thousand watts of Disney animatronic lights, festooning the outside of a dilapidated hovel with a new Beemer parked outside, say that your uncle's drug-dealing business is going great guns and Mam might et him stay for another year. Paper snowflakes in the windows, made by the children folding a circle three times and cutting careful diamonds into the folded edges using age-appropriate safety scissors, say that Mummy and Daddy read the Guardian"

I guess he knows his readers pretty well :-)

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